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A Catechism of Familiar Things; Their History and the Events Leading to Their Discovery With a Short Explanation of Some of the Principal Natural Phenomena for the Use of Skills and Families, Hardcover, Good, Published 1881, Some Dirt on Edgings, Solid Binding, Decorative Covers, Illustrated Throughout, Benziger Brothers, $30

Allis, Oswald T., Dr. Moffatt's "New Translation" of the Old Testament: A Review, Booklet, Excellent, Bible Institute Colportage Ass'n, $5

Allis, Oswald T., What Think Ye of Christ?, Booklet, Excellent, Evangelistic Tract, J. Bell & Co., $5

An Accompaniment to Mitchell's Map of the World, Hardcover, Fair, Extreme Wear, Spine Flaking Badly, Front Cover Separated, Published 1839, Indexed, 572 Pages, R.L. Barnes, $30

Arnot, William, The Lesser Parables Of Our Lord And Lessons In Grace In The Language Of Nature, T. Nelsons And Sons, Edinburgh & New York, 1885. HB In Chocolate Tan Cloth Boards (6” X 8”), Black Embossed Letters Front Cover, Embossed Vignette Back Cover, Gilt Lettered Spine, In Unusually High Degree Of Preservation, Pages Clean w/ Only A Few Scattered Unobtrusive Pencil Marks, Hinges Intact, Overall Very Good, $30.   

Becon, Thomas, Catechisms Of Thomas Becon And Other Pieces Written By Him In The Reign Of King Edward VI (670 Pages, Indexed), Edited By Rev. John Ayre, Parker Society/Cambridge University Press, 1844. HB In Dark Chocolate Boards (10.5” X 7”) w/ Elaborate Embossures & Gilt Coats Of Arms On Front Cover. Gilt-Lettered Embossed Spine. Internally Clean & Unmarked, Light Yellowing To Pages But No Discrete Foxing Except To Endsheets. Housed In Clear Plastic (Removable) Book Preserver. A Rare Book, Overall Very Good+ $75. 

Becon, Thomas, Prayers And Other Pieces Of Thomas Becon (644 Pages, Indexed), Edited By Rev. John Ayre, Parker Society/Cambridge University Press, 1844. HB In Dark Chocolate Boards (10.5” X 7”) w/ Elaborate Embossures & Gilt Coats Of Arms On Front Cover. Gilt-Lettered Embossed Spine. Internally Clean & Unmarked, Light Yellowing To Pages But No Discrete Foxing Except To Endsheets. A Rare Book, Overall Very Good+ $50.

Becon, Thomas, The Early Works Of Thomas Becon, Being The Treatises Published By Him In The Reign Of King Henry VIII (500 Pages, Indexed), Edited By Rev. John Ayre, Parker Society/Cambridge University Press, 1843. HB In Dark Chocolate Boards (10.5” X 7”) w/ Elaborate Embossures & Gilt Coats Of Arms On Front Cover. Gilt-Lettered Embossed Spine, Chipped At Top. Internally Clean & Unmarked, Light Yellowing To Pages But No Discrete Foxing Except To Endsheets. Housed In Clear Plastic (Removable) Book Preserver. A Rare Book, Overall Very Good+ $50. 

Berkhof, Louis, Dogmatics, 2 Vols., Self-Bound Hardcovers, Bound Edition of the Photostat, Hand-Typed Copies of the Original Course Syllabus which Became the Dogmatics, Extremely Rare, Very Good, Student Marks/Underlining Throughout, Self-Published, $80

Blunt, John Henry, A Key To The Knowledge And Use Of The Holy Bible, New Edition, Rivington’s, London, 1877. HB In Stippled Brown Cloth (6.5” X 4.25”), Cross And Gilt Letters Embossed Front Cover, No Spine Letters, 154 Indexed Pages w/ 32 Separate End Pages Describing Publisher’s Other Offerings, Clean & Unmarked, A Few Illustrations Of Early Manuscript Bibles, Foxed Endpapers, Overall Condition Good, $10.

Booth, Abraham, Glad Tidings to Perishing Sinners, Leatherbound, Fair, Front Cover Retaped, Back Cover Separated, Published 1800, Second Edition, No Internal Marks, W.Button, $40

Bradley, C. (Vicar Of Glasbury), Select British Divines: Vol. V. Henry’s Tracts. Select Works Of The Rev. Matthew Henry; Containing Directions For Daily Communion; Pleasantness Of A Religious Life; Communicant’s Companion; Right Management Of Friendly Visits; And Sober-Mindedness Recommended To Young People, L.B. Seeley And Son, Fleet Street, London, 1823. HB In Peacock-Feather Cloth Boards (4.5” X 7”) w/ Leather Spine and Reinforced Corners, Binding Firm, 441 Pages, A Few Checkmarks On Contents Page, Else Unmarked. In A Remarkably Good State Of Preservation. $50.

Bradley, Charles, A Series Of Practical Sermons, Two Volume Set, Complete, Hamilton, Adams And Co./J. Hatchard And Son, London, 1838. HB In Marbled Cloth Boards (7.5” X 5”) w/ Brown Leather Reinforced Corners And Gilt-Decorated Brown Leather Spine Strips. Vol. I: 363 Pages, Contents Page Checkmarks, Otherwise Clean But Lightly Foxed, Internal Hinges Fine, Binding Firm; Vol. II: 364 Pages, Contents Page Checkmarks And A Few Stray Marginal Marks, Else Clean, Lightly Foxed, Binding Secure, Condition Of Both Volumes Very Good. Great Resource For The Pastor! $100

Brown, John, Parting Counsels: An Exposition of the First Chapter of the Second Epistle of the Apostle Peter, with an Additional Four Discourses, Hardcover, Good, Published 1856, Ragged Edging on Covers/Pages, Pages Clean and Unmarked, Church of England Book Society, $50

Catalogue of the College of New Jersey - Princeton 1885-86, Softcover, Fair, Separated Front Cover, No Marks, Slight Yellowing of Edging, Princeton, $20

Chadwick, G.A., The Gospel According To St. Mark [from The Expositor’s Bible Series, Edited By W. Robertson Nicoll], Hodder & Stoughton, London, 1887. HB In Royal Blue Cloth Boards (8” X 6”), External Fabric Spine Missing. Internal Hinges Both Cracked, Rear More So, Back Cover Thus Weakened. Sewn Binding Firm. 446 Pages, A Few (Only) w/ Red Pencil Underlining. Library. Overall Fair+. $5.

Clarendon, Edward Earl Of, The History Of The Rebellion And Civil Wars Of England, To Which Is Now Added An Historical View Of The Affairs Of Ireland, Clarendon Press/Oxford, 1816. Volume Three, In Two Folios: Part I (610 Pages: 10th-13th Books Of The Original Set) and Part II (565 Pages: 14th-16th Books w/ An Unpaginated Index To The Entire Work), HB In Full Leather Tan Boards w/Gilt Border And Embossed Seal, Floriated Gilt Spines w/ Gilt Letters On Black Title Insets. Each Volume Measures 12” X 10.” Both Covers Of Volume I Are Detached w/ Their Respective Endsheets, However All Pages Remain Firmly Attached To Sewn Bindings, Pages Are Clean & Unmarked, Minimal & Insignificant Foxing. Volume II’s Covers Remain Attached, Though Front Is Precarious And Back Is Markedly Weakened. Internally Its Pages Are Also Clean & Unmarked. Covers Do Betray Some Scuffs, Bumped Corners & Erosions. Still, Considering The Age Of These Two Volumes, One Is Truly Impressed By Their Condition. Overall Fair/Good. $200 Set.

Conwell, Russell H., Life Of Charles H. Spurgeon, The World’s Great Preacher, Edgewood Publishing Company, 1892. 616 Pages, Front Endpaper Inscription Else Unmarked, Several Engraved Illustrations & Photographs. HB In Terra-Cotta Cloth Boards (8” X 5.5”), Modestly Embossed, Silver Titles Spine & Front Cover. Covers Worn, Spine Frayed Top & Bottom, Spine Splitting Beneath Title, Internal Front/Rear Hinges Cracked, Both Covers Precariously Attached, First Several Pages Loose. Overall Fair. $15. 

Deane, D.J., Two Noble Lives: John Wicliffe and Martin Luther, Decorative Hardcover, Spelling Maintained from Cover, Includes Several Engravings, Decorative Endpapers, Mild Yellowing of Pages, Very Good, Revell,  $40

Drummond, D.T.K., The Parabolic Teaching Of Christ; Or The Engravings Of The New Testament, Robert Carter & Brothers, New York, 1872. HB In Black Cloth Boards (8” X 5.5”), External Fabric Spine Torn Away And Missing, Spine Title Replaced By Hand-Written Taped-On Label. Both Covers Still Firmly Attached. 440 Pages, Unmarked And In Great Shape. Binding Strong. Overall Very Good Except Spine Defect, And Therefore Sold As Good. $20.

Edgar, Samuel, The Variations Of Popery (New Edition, Revised By Thomas O. Summers), Southern Methodist Publishing House, Nashville, Tennessee, 1884. HB In Gray-Brown Cloth Boards (6 3/8” X 9”), Gilt Spine Letters, A Handful Of Underlinings And Stray Pencil Marks, Else Clean, Binding And Hinges Intact, Overall Good+, $40.

Edwards, Robert A., From Joppa To Mount Hermon: A Series Of Narrative Discourses On The Holy Land, Delivered In The Church Of St. Matthias, Philadelphia, During The Autumn And Winter Of 1889-1890, 2nd  Edition, Porter & Coates, Philadelphia, 1890. HB In Milk Chocolate Brown Boards (8” X 5.5”) w/ Gilt/Embossed Spine Lettering, 256 Pages w/ Various Appended Recommendations, Clean & Aside From Front Endpaper Inscription Unmarked, Condition Good+, Detailed And Interesting Travelogue In Palestine, $15.

Fairfield, Edmund, Letters on Baptism, Hardcover, Good, Advanced Yellowing of Page Edges, Clean Pages, Published 1893, Congregational Sunday-School and Publishing Society, $30

Fallows, Samuel, The Bible Looking Glass, Hardcover, Fair, Partially Separated Spine and Front Cover, Published 1898, Title Page Separated, Illustrated with Engravings Throguhout, Extreme Yellowing of Pages, More than 500 Pages, Advanced Wear on Corners/Edging, J.L. Nichols, $20

Farrar, Frederic W., The Early Days of Christianity, Hardcover, Good, Gilt-Edging, More than 750 Pages, Well-Indexed, Published 1882, Burt Company, $25

Farrar, Frederic W., The Early Days of Christianity, Hardcover, Very Good, Gilt-Edging, Solid Binding, More than 650 Pages, Well-Indexed, Published 1891, Burt Company, $25

Farrar, Frederic W., The Life of Christ, 2 Vols., Hardcover, Good, Tearing and Flaking of Lower Spine on Vol I, Highlighting and Underlining, Published 1877, Bending and Fraying of Lower Corners, ~1000 pages in all, E.P. Dutton, $25

Fisher, George Park, The Grounds of Theistic and Christian Belief, Hardcover, Good, Loose Front Cover, Published 1908, More than 450 Pages, No Internal Marks, Very Little Cover Wear Visible, Hodder & Stoughton, $15

Fiske, John, Life Everlasting, Houghton, Mifflin & Co./Riverside Press, Boston/New York, 1901. HB In Navy Blue Cloth Boards (7” X 5”), Truly Minimal Wear For Its Age, 87 Pages Clean & Unmarked, Decoratively Presented. This Was Harvard University-Sponsored Ingersoll Lecture Given By Fiske, 19 December 1900, Immediately Before His Death. Absorbing Exposition & An Uncommon Find. $10.

Fleetwood, John; Hall, Joseph; Taylor, Jeremy, The Life Of Our Lord And Saviour Jesus Christ, Together With The Lives Of His Holy Apostles, Evangelists, And Other Primitive Martyrs, And A Dissertation On The Evidences Of Christianity/A Meditation On The Love Of Christ, And The Christian Laid Forth/The Golden Grove: A Choice Manual Of What Is To Be Believed, Practised, And Desired Or Prayed For, Virtue Son And Co., London And New York, Undated (circa 1880?). Large HB In Hunter Green Boards (11” X 9”), Elaborate Gilt/Embossed Floriated Front Cover & Spine w/ Gilt Inset Of Christ Ascendant, 723 Gilt-Edged Pages, A Sturdy & Weighty Tome, Binding Strong, Pages Unmarked, Mild To Moderate Foxing, Lots Of Incredible Steel-Plate Engravings, Includes An Unused Genealogy Section. Overall Very Good. $100.

Forrest, D.W., The Christ of History and of Experience, Hardcover, Good, 6th Edition of 1908, Loose Spine and Front Cover, Visible Dirt on Edgings, Pages Clean, Fading and Dulling of Cover But Little Wear, T&T Clark, $10

Foster, F.M., The Witnessing Church in its Relation to Church Union, Civil Government, and Temperance Reform in its Political Aspects, Hardcover, Very Good, Covenanter Work, Published 1890, Break in Lower Quarter of Front Spine, No Marks, Binding Tight, J.W. Pratt & Son, $40

Freeman, Edward A., Atlas to the Historical Geography of Europe, Hardcover, Very Good, Published 1908, Tight Binding, Little Wear, Collection of Historical Maps, Longmans, Green, & Co., $25

Geikie, Cunningham, The Life And Words Of Christ, D. Appleton And Company, New York, 1886. Two Volumes Bound As One. HB In Textured Brown Cloth Boards (9.5” x 6”), Front Internal Hinge 50% Cracked, Rear Hinge Intact, 670 Pages, Three Having Red Vertical Lines In Margins, Else Clean, Index, Overall Very Good, $15.

Geikie, Cunningham, The Life and Words of Christ, Hardcover, Good, Inside Cover Inscription from 1895, Strong Binding, Spine Slightly Loose, Indexed, No Internal Marks, Worthington, $15

Geikie, Cunningham, The Life And Words Of Christ, Worthington Co., New York, Undated But Circa 1892 (Dated Front Endsheet Inscription 25 December 1892 With The Signature Of James Packer), HB In Light Brown Cloth Boards (7.5” x 5.5”), Front Hinge 60% Cracked, Rear Hinge Cracked Through, Lifting Back Cover And External Spine Together Off The Sewn Binding (Yet All Hangs Together As Yet), 812 Clean, Bright & Unmarked Pages w/ A Separate 12-Page Index, Overall Good, $10.

Gilbert, Bishop Of Sarum, An Exposition Of The Thirty-Nine Articles Of The Church Of England, A New Edition, G. Balne/T. Tegg And Son, Cheapside, London, 1836 (Same Year As Dated  First Owner’s Inscription On Title Page). HB In Simple Uncovered Boards w/ Thin Embossed Leather Spine (9” X 6”), 509 Pages, Clean & Unmarked w/ Many Remaining Uncut, Binding Intact Though Weakened. Overall Good., $50

Graves, A.P., From Earth to Heaven, As Viewed In The Sermons, Bible Readings, And Reform Papers, F.H. Revell, Chicago/N. Tibbals & Son, New York, 1877. Attractive HB Volume In Gilt & Black-Embossed Terra Cotta Cloth Boards (5.25” X 7.25”), Front Cover Has Gilt Cross Inset w/ Crown And Light Breaking Through A Cloud, Very Decorative. 341 Pages, Unmarked (Endsheets Do Have Light Pencil Swirls). Front Hinge 90% Cracked And Rear Hinge Hinting At Cracking, Front Cover Thus Slightly Weak, Yet Binding is Firm. Old-Time Common Sensical Preaching: Chapters On Family Religion, Revivals, The Unpardonable Sin, Matthew 18, etc. Neat Little Book. $10. 

Hall, Newton Marshall; Wood, Irving Francis, The Bible Story: Vol. III (Tales Of Old Judea) and Vol. IV (Life Of Jesus); *THESE TWO VOLUMES ONLY*, King-Richardson Company, Springfield, Massachusetts, 1934. HB In Dark Chocolate Brown Boards (9.5” X 6.5”), Simple Cross Embossed Covers (Light Stains, Moderate Wear) And Gilt Stamped Spines (Faded). Vol. III: Binding Weak, 20 Pages Coming Loose But Not Yet Detached. 508 Pages, Unmarked, Color Plate Frontispiece, Photo & Engraved Illustrations, Child’s Name Rear Endsheet. Presented Chronologically With Attention To Each Of The Judean Kings, Overall Fair/Good. Volume IV: Covers Well Attached and Binding Firm, 508 Pages, Unmarked, Color Plate Frontispiece, Photo & Engraved Illustrations. Overall Good+. $20 Set.

Hastings, James, The Christian Doctrine of Prayer, Hardcover, Good, Published 1916, 450 Pages, Solid Binding, T&T Clark, $15

Hinsdale, A.M., The Genuineness And Authenticity Of The Gospels: An Argument Conducted On Historical And Critical Grounds, Bosworth, Chase & Hall, Publishers, Cincinnati, 1872. HB In Finely-Crosshatched Green Cloth Boards (5” X 7.5”), Corners Bumped, Spine Chipped At Top (Partially Torn Away) And Gilt Letters Faded, Front Cover 80% Detached, Rear Hinge Broken But Holding, Binding Firm And Intact, 276 Pages w/ Light Pencil Underlining, Rear Endsheet Annotation/Commentary Dated 1873. Fine Classic Work, Well Researched, w/ Appendix. Overall Fair, $10.

Hodge, Charles, The Way Of Life, American Sunday-School Union, Philadelphia, 1841. Elegant Little HB Volume (6” X 4”) In Pale Plum Decoratively Embossed Cloth Boards, Decorative Gilt Lettered Spine, Binding Secure, 343 Pages, Moderate Foxing With Spots In A Few Places, One Endpage Annotated Else Unmarked. Overall Very Good. $30.

Hopkins, John Henry, A Scriptural, Ecclesiastical, and Historical View of Slavery, Hardcover, Fair, Published 1864, Loose But Attached Covers, Spine Badly Chipped at Base, Decorative Endpapers, Very Clean Pages, W.I. Pooley, $100

Huntington, Nathaniel G., A System Of Modern Geography (5th Edition) For Schools, Academies, And Families; Designed To Answer The Two-Fold Purpose Of A Correct Guide To The Student, And Of A Geographical Reading Book, Revised And Improved, Illustrated By A Variety Of Cuts And Tables, And Accompanied By A New And Beautiful Atlas; R. White, And Hutchison & Dwier, Hartford, Connecticut, 1835. HB In Simple Paper-Covered Cloth Boards (4.5” X 6.75”) w/ Printed Covers & Leather Spine Strip, Corners Bumped & Paper Covers Noticeably Eroded, 306 Pages w/ Moderate Foxing. A Quaint Slice Of Bygone Americana. Overall Fair/Good. $10

Hurlbut, Jedde Lyman, Hurlbut's Story of the Bible, Soft Leatherbound, The Bible in Story Form as 168 Stories, Excellent for Family Reading, Illustrated Throughout with Etchings and Color Plates, More than 750 Pages, Includes Maps, Good Condition, Retaped Spine with Black Tape that Matches Binding, $10

Hyde, E. Francis, Influence of the Weekly Rest-Day on Human Welfare, Hardcover, Excellent, Scattered Light Pencil Marks, Published 1927, New York Sabbath Committee, $15

Jackson, William, The Christian’s Legacy, With An Appendix; Containing A Compendium Of The Holy Bible And An Index Of The Proper Names In The Old And New Testaments, With Their English Pronunciation, W.J. Holland & Co., Springfield, Mass., 1871. HB In Terra Cotta-Colored Cloth Boards (8” X 5.25”), Gilt & Black Embossed Decorations, 418 pages, Binding Tight, Foxed Endpapers, Internally Pages Are Clean & Unmarked, Overall Very Good. $15

Jacobs, H.E., Exegesis On The Pastoral Epistles, Vol. II, First Timothy, Second Timothy, Titus, Lecture On The Church, Lectures On The Holy Sacraments; and Mann, W.J., Lectures On Symbolics, Neostyle/Cyclostyle Edition (Elbert And Stetler, Copyists), W. Penn Barr, 1895-97. HB In Black Cloth Boards (8.5” X 11.75”), Both Covers Detached, Pages Still Bound In Sewn Binding To Spine. Pages Clean & Unmarked. Fascinating Handwritten Pages, Neatly Done, Comprehensive In Scope. Will Need Rebinding But This Is A Treasure Definitely Worth Saving. Overall As Is: Fair. $100

Jamieson, John, Use Of Sacred History & Etc., Oliver D. Cooke, Hartford, 18--, HB In Medium Brown Leather Boards (6” X 9”), Title Page Missing, Publishing Data Discernable As Ghost Imprint On Adjacent Endsheet, 238 Pages, Indexed, Unmarked But Foxed, Separate End Section Describing Publisher’s Other Offerings, Front & Rear Hinge Paper Cracked Through But Binding Holding Firm. Interesting Work, Condition Good, $20.

Jay, William, Morning Exercises For The Closet: For Every Day In The Year, 6th Edition (In Two Volumes, Complete), Hamilton, Adams & Co., London, 1831. Ex-Bangor Independent College Library (Bookplate), Ex-Library Rev. W. Griffith, Holyhead (Stamp), HB In Rich Full Leather Embossed & Gilt-Framed Boards (8.5” X 5.5”), Ribbed Spines With Titles On Black Insets And Volume Numbers On Red Insets, Peacock-Feather Endsheets And Page Edges, Vol. I Contains 464 Pages, Vol. II Contains 542 Pages, No Marks Either Volume Other Than Minute (All But Invisible) Margin Numbers/Checkmarks, Front & Rear Hinges Tight Both Volumes, Bindings Intact, Endpapers Foxed. Incredible Deluxe Set Of Daily Devotional Readings, Definitely In Strong Usable Condition, Very Collectable, $150/Pair.

Julian, John, A History of Hymnology, Decorative Hardcover, Very Good, Published 1892, Strong (Repaired) Binding, More than 1600 Pages, Indexed, Vast Volume of Information on English Hymnography, John Murray, $125

Kennicott, Benjamin, Remarks On Select Passages In The Old Testament, To Which Are Added Eight Sermons, Prince And Cook/J. Fletcher, Oxford (Rivington, Payne, Cadell & Robson, London), 1787. HB Octavo (8.75” X 5.5”), In Gilt-Framed Marbled Leather Boards, Spine 75% Separated But Still Present (Excepting Top 15% Which Is Chipped Away), Modest Wear w/ Front & Back Cover Stains, Bumped Corners, 453 Pages, This All Said, This Volume Has Held Up Surprisingly Well Over Time. Binding Is Yet Firm, And Overall Condition Is Good. Rare Work, Ex-Owner’s Bookplate Front Endpaper. $75.

Landstads, M.B., Salmebog For Lutherkirke Kristne I Amerika, Augsburg Publishing House, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1900. Exquisitely HB Miniature Hymnal In Elaborately Embossed Black Leather Boards (3.5” X 5”), 730 Hymns & Religious Songs In 932 Pages Plus A 40 Page Biography Of The Composers And 6 Pages Of Their Miniature Engraved Portraits, Entire Text In Norwegian (Or Swedish?). Truly Beautiful, A Fabulous Collectible! Overall Excellent! $25

Lecky, William Edward Hartpole, History Of European Morals From Augustus To Charlemagne (2 Volume Set, Complete), 11th Edition, Longmans, Green And Co., London, 1894. HB In Burgundy Boards With Simple Embossed Covers, Gilt-Embossed Spine Titles. Volume I: 468 Pages, Unmarked, Front Hinge 75% Cracked, Slight Separation, Rear Hinge Intact, A Tad Weak, Binding Secure; Vol. II: 406 Pages Including Index, Unmarked, Addendum Detailing Publisher’s Complete 1895 Catalog For 1895, Nice Volumes, Condition Good+. $25 Set.

Leighton, Robert, The Works Of Robert Leighton, D.D., Archbishop Of Glasgow, To Which Is Prefixed A Life Of The Author, T. Nelson & Sons, London, 1860. HB In Plum Colored Ribbed/Embossed Cloth Boards (9.25” X 6.25”), Gilt Lozenge Inset Front Cover & Gilt-Embossed Spine Titles, Front & Rear Hinges Are Cracked More Or Less Completely Through, Some Play At Cover Hinges But Internal Binding Securely Holding 687 Pages, Typeset In 9-Point Or Smaller Font (Thus Containing A Prodigious Amount Of Material). Includes His Extensive 308 Page Commentary On The First Epistle Of Peter, Expository Lectures (Psalm 39, Isaiah 6, Romans 12), Letters, Sermons. No Marks, Light Foxing Here And There But Hardly Objectionable. A Massive And Valuable Compendium Of Leighton’s Thought. Overall Good. $50.  

Lightfoot, Joseph Barber, Sermons Preached In St. Paul’s Cathedral, Macmillan And Co., London, 1891. HB In Dark Chocolate Cloth Boards (5.5” X 7.5”), Pages Unmarked, Cover Scuffs & Abrasions As Expected For Age, Overall Good, $25

Luther, Martin, Dr. Martin Luther’s House-Postil, Or, Sermons On The Gospels For The Sundays And Principal Festivals Of The Church-Year, Translated From The German, Vol I., Schulze & Gassmann, Columbus, Ohio, 1869. HB In Dark Brown Gilt-Embossed Boards (5” X 8”), Binding Firm, 362 Unmarked Pages, Most Unusually Bright, Clean w/ A Few Odd Foxing Spots Or Stains Here And There. Overall Condition: Good. $20.

Luther, Martin, Small Catechism with Explanation, Hardcover, Good, Published 1902, Clean Pages, No Internal Marks, Rock Island, $10

Luther, Martin, Works Of Martin Luther, With Introduction And Notes, The Philadelphia Edition, Volume Two (*ONLY*), Muhlenberg Press/Board Of Publication United Lutheran Church In America, Philadelphia, 1943. Includes “A Treatise Concerning The Blessed Sacrament And Concerning The Brotherhoods (1519);” “The Babylonian Captivity Of The Church (1520);” “A Brief Explanation Of The Ten Commandments, Creed & Lord’s Prayer (1520);” “The Doctrines Of Men That Are To Be Rejected (1522);” “The Eight Wittenberg Sermons (1522);” and three other sections. HB In Black Cloth Boards (8” X 6”), Sunned To Brown At Spine, Gilt-Embossed Spine Fraktur, Letters Faded, 476 Pages w/ Index & Scripture Reference, Unmarked. Overall Very Good. $20.

MacDuff, J.R., The Footsteps Of St. Peter, Being The Life And Times Of The Apostle, Robert Carter And Brothers, New York, 1877. HB In Kelly Green Gilt-Lettered, Floriated & Embossed Boards (7.5” X 5.25”), Bottom Quarter Of Both Front & Rear Spines Cracked But Holding, 632 Pages, Light Pencil Underlining In Earliest Pages, Scattered Light Foxing, Many Detailed Engraved Illustrations. Overall Good/Very Good. $25.

MacLeod, Donald, Memoir Of Norman MacLeod., R. Worthington, New York, circa 1876. HB In Terra Cotta Black-Embossed Cloth Boards (9” X 6.25”), Gilt-Lettered And Similarly Embossed Spine, Extremely Light Wear, Front Hinge Cracked w/ Loss Of Front Endsheets & Title Page (First Surviving Page Begins The Preface), Rear Hinge Intact, 484 Pages, Clean/Unmarked Save For A Doodle At End Of Last Page. Overall Condition: Good+. $30.

Manley, W.E., Biblical Review: Intended As A New & Improved Commentary On The Bible; Wherein The Author Attempts To Give More Rational Interpretations Of Subjects And Passages, Than Are Common In Other Works Having The Same General Purpose: On A Plan That Renders The Book As Well Fitted For Reading And Reference. Vol. II (*ONLY*); Egypt And The Wilderness, Abel Tompkins, Boston, 1860. HB In Dark Chocolate Brown Elaborately Embossed Cloth Boards (7.75” X 5”), Gilt-Embossed Spine, Front & Rear Hinges Intact & Strong, Binding Secure, 392 Pages, Previous Owner’s Front Endsheet Inscription Else Unmarked. Overall Very Good. $20.

Mann, Thomas, Joseph In Egypt (Vol. 1 From The Three Volume Series, Joseph And His Brothers), Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 1939. HB In Black Embossed Boards(5.5” X 7.5”), Front & Rear Hinges Intact, Binding Tight, 369 Pages, Unmarked, Color Map. Overall Very Good, $10.

McCorkle, William P., Christian Science, Or The False Christ Of 1866: An Examination Of The Origin, Animus, Claims, Philosophical Absurdities, Medical Fallacies And Doctrinal Contents Of The New Gospel Of Mental Healing. Whittet And Shepperson, Richmond, Virginia, For The Presbyterian Committee Of Publication, 1899. HB In Light Kelly Green Cloth Boards (7.75” X 5.25”), Spine Torn Away But Water-Mottled Covers Remain Attached, Binding Firm & Tight. 321 Pages, Indexed, Pages Clean & Unmarked, Previous Owner’s Inscription Front Endpaper. Overall Good. $40

McKibbin, Alma E., Bible Lessons In Old Testament History, Book One, Pacific Press Publishing Association, Mountain View, California, 1909. HB In Gold Cloth w/ Green Letters & White Floriated Design. A Lovely Sunday-School Teaching Book w/ Tables, Maps, Engravings, Study Questions, Etc. Clean & Unmarked, Bindings Intact, Overall Very Good, $20.

Motley, John Lothrop, The Rise of the Dutch Republic: A History, 3 Vols., Hardcover, Very Good, Published 1898, Solid Bindings, 1800 Pages in Total, Well-Indexed, Classic Work on the Subject, Harper & Brothers, $75

Nicholls, Benjamin Elliott, Help To The Reading Of The Bible, From The Edition Of The London Society For Promoting Christian Knowledge, General Protestant Episcopal Sunday School Union And Church Book Society, New York, 1854. HB In Bright Blue Cloth Gilt-Embossed Boards (7.5” X 5”), Gilt-Stamped Spine Now Sunned, 436 Pages w/ Indices to Scripture And Subject + Chronological Index, Incredibly Detailed Maps (5 Total, Three Fold-Out, First Measures 27” X 11.5”) Hinges & Binding Intact, Though Splayed Between Pages 338/339, 358/361 And In A Few Other Locations. Some Scattered & Unobtrusive Foxing. This Is A Little Treasure! Overall Condition: Very Good, $50.

Nicoll, W. Robertson, Ed., The Expositor's Greek New Testament Vols. I & II, Hardcover, Good, Published 1897, Volume I Includes A.B. Bruce on the Synoptic Gospels and Marcus Dods on the Gospel of St. John, Volume II Includes R.J. Knowling on the Acts of the Apostles, James Denney on Romans, and G.G. Findlay on I Corinthians, 1800+ Pages in the Two Volumes, Hodder & Stoughton, $80 set

Paley, William, A View Of The Evidences Of Christianity, Harper & Brothers, New York, 1843 [aka Paley’s Evidences Of Christianity, School District Library No. 216], Pocket HB In Black Cloth Boards (4” X 6”) w/ Leather Spine Reinforcing Strip, Covers Chipped/Abraded But Gilt-Lettered Spine 80% Intact, 377 Unmarked Pages, Moderate Foxing, Front Endsheet w/ Curious Blue Ink Writing. Rare & Interesting Collectible. $20.

Paley, William, Archdeacon Paley’s View Of The Evidences Of Christianity, In Three Parts: I. Of The Direct Historical Evidence Of Christianity, And Wherein It Is Distinguished From The Evidence Alleged For Other Miracles, II. The Auxiliary Evidences Of Christianity, III. A Brief Consideration Of Some Popular Objections, With A Memoir, James Kay, Jr. & Brother, Philadelphia, Ex-Columbia (South Carolina) Bible College Library, Measures 4” X 5.75,” Both Covers & Spine Completely Gone, 264 Unmarked But Decidedly Yellowed/Foxed Pages, Three Pieces Of Wide Clear Plastic Adhesive Tape Span Front & Back Endpapers On Outside (A Very Amateur But Rather Permanent Repair). Overall Fair. $5

Peck, T.E., Miscellanies Of Rev. Thomas E. Peck, Vol. II (Only) of Original Three Volume Work, Containing Theological And Evangelical, Historical And Expository, And Ecclesiological Writings, Presbyterian Committee Of Publication, Richmond, Virginia, 1896. HB In Chocolate Brown Boards (8” X 5.5”), Ex-Library Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary w/ Usual Stamps & Markings, Internal Front & Rear Spines Cracked, 405 Pages Clean & Unmarked, Secure In Sewn Binding, Overall Good. $25

Pretyman, George, Elements Of Christian Theology, Containing Proofs  Of The Authenticity And Inspiration Of The Holy Scriptures; A Summary Of The History Of The Jews; A Brief Statement Of The Contents Of The Several Books Of The Old And New Testaments; A Short Account Of The English Translations Of The Bible And Of The Liturgy Of The Church Of England; And A Scriptural Exposition Of The Thirty-Nine Articles Of Religion, Third Edition (In Two Volumes, Complete), Luke Hansard, Great Turnstile, Lincoln’s-Inn Fields, London, 1800. HB In Black Leather Boards (5.5” X 8.5”), Spines Embossed w/ Gilt Letters, Dark-Olive Peacock Feathered Endpapers Which Match External Page Edges. Volume I: 531 Pages; Volume II: 568 Pages. Volume I’s Binding Secure, Pages Clean & Unmarked, A Foxed Spot Here And There. Volume II’s Spines Are Fine, Book In Similar Condition. Overall Very Good. A Very Attractive Pair Of Books In Excellent State Of Preservation. $200 Set.

Princeton Theological Seminary Catalogue 1901-1902, Softcover, Fair, Includes Warfield, Vos, R.D. Wilson, Photo Plates, Severely Worn Spine, Moisture Warping of Pages, Dirt on Page Edges, Princeton, $25

Ranke, Leopold, The Popes Of Rome: Their Ecclesiastical And Political History During The 16th And 17th Centuries, 4th Edition In Three Volumes (Complete), John Murray, London, 1866. HB In Blue Denim Cloth Boards (9” X 5.75”) w/ Stippled Black Leather Corners & Beautiful Leather Ribbed Spine Strip w/ Gilt-Embossed Letters, 357/407/475 Pages, Indexed, A Few Pages Underlined In Red Ink In Volume I, Otherwise Clean & Unmarked, Bindings Tight, External Scuff To Vol. III Spine Edge, Otherwise Even The Covers Are In An Unusually Fine State Of Preservation. Overall Condition: Excellent. Beautiful Scholar’s & Collector’s Set. $100

Read, Hollis, The Hand of God in History, Hardcover, Fair, Binding Still Attached, Dust Staining on Cover, Extreme Fraying of Corners, Published 1860, Well Over 400 Pages, Hartford, $15

Reeve, Joseph, A Short View Of The History Of The Christian Church, From Its First Establishment To The Present Century (Vol. II – Only – First American From The Last Dublin Edition), John T. Green, Chambersburg (PA), 1835. HB In Light Brown Marble-Swirled Leather Boards (5.5” X 8.5”), Covers Worn w/ Back Cover Abrasion, Spine Has A Black Gilt-Stamped Title Inset & A Crimson Gilt-Stamped Inset Reading “Vol. II,” Old Library Labels To Top & Bottom Of Spine, Front & Rear Hinges Are Cracked (Back More So, Back Cover Thus Weakened), 491 Pages, Unmarked w/ Moderate To Heavy Foxing Throughout, Endpapers List Original Subscribers For This Published Work. Overall Condition, Good For Age. $10.

Rice, John Holt; Rice, Benjamin Holt, Memoir Of James Brainerd Taylor, 2nd Stereotype Edition, American Tract Society, New York, 1833. HB Miniature In Scuffed Brown Leather Boards (4” X 6”) w/ Gilt-Lettered Black Title Insets On Spine (Revealing That This Volume Is #49 In The Evangelical Library Series). 441 Pages w/ Peacock-Feather Edges, Old Water Stains Throughout But Unmarked, Hinges Cracked But Binding Holding Nicely. Truly A Charming Little Volume. $25.

Rogers, Thomas, A Treatise Upon Sundry Matters Contained In The Thirty Nine Articles Of Religion, Which Are Pro-[Scribed?] In The Church Of England, John Legatt And Sons, London, [Year Of Publication Torn Away; But Published Prior To 1721 Dated Front Endsheet Inscription]. HB Brown Full-Leather Boards (7” X 5.5”), Moderately Scuffed And Abraded, Spine More So. 222 Pages, Modestly Soiled And Water-Stained, Front/Rear Spines Cracked, Binding Stable Though Weak. Even So, This Is A Delightful Little Book, Full Of Charm And Character. There Are Dated Doodles From 1776 In The Preface Margins. Overall Condition Good, Outstanding For Age. Truly A Gem. $150

Rogge, D. Bernhard, Illustrierte Geschichte Der Reformation In Deutschland, Vertriebsanstalt Christlicher Kunstwerke (M. Zulauf), Hersfeld, Deutschland, 1909. In German, With Numerous Engravings And Plates, Done On High-Quality Paper, Elegantly Laid Out. Huge Heavy HB Folio (10.25” X 13”) In Hunter Green Cloth Boards, Embossed Gilt-Letter Titles w/ Gilt Cameo (Author?) Front Cover, Front Spine 90% Detached, Rear Spine Intact As Yet But Weak. Pages Clean & Unmarked, Overall Good But What An Incredibly Beautiful Volume! $75.

Romaine, William, Treatises Upon The Life, Walk, And Triumph Of Faith, Robert Carter & Brothers, New York, 1853. HB In Finely-Crosshatched Black Cloth Boards (7.75” X 5”) w/ Decorative Swirl Embossures, Upper Spine Chipped, Join Between Spine And Front Cover Has Been “Repaired” By A Wide Piece Of Clear Plastic Adhesive Tape, Corners Bumped, Some Cover Erosions (More At Back), Hinges Are Intact, Binding Firm, 392 Clean & Unmarked Pages, Slight Foxing To Sections Adjacent To Endpapers, Overall Fair/Good. Slight Defects But In All Fairness Surprisingly Good Shape For Its Vintage. $25.

Scott, J. Loughran, Bulfinch's Age of Fable or Beauties of Mythology Revised, Decorative Hardcover, Overall Good, Front Cover Excellent, Sun-Fading of Spine, Well-Illustrated with Illustrations and Photo Plates, Published 1898, David McKay, $20

Scott, Thomas, The Holy Bible, Containing The Old And New Testaments, According To The Authorised Version; With Explanatory Notes, Practical Observations, And Copious Marginal References, From The Latest London Edition, With The Author’s Last Corrections And Improvements. To Which Is Added, A Concordance To The Holy Scriptures Of The Old And New Testaments, By The Rev. John Brown, Of Haddington. W.E. Dean, Printer & Publisher, New York, 1844. Three Volume HB Set, Complete, In Black Cloth Boards (10.5” X 7”) w/ Gilt Spine Letters, Bindings Tight (Uncracked), Pages Clean & Unmarked, Mild To Moderate Foxing, Unused Family Record Section At End Of Volume II. Pages Are Keyed To Actual Time In Years. Truly A Remarkable Set Of Books, In An Outstanding Grade Of Preservation. Overall Very Good+. $150 Set.

Scott, Thomas, The Holy Bible, Containing The Old And New Testaments, According To The Authorised Version; With Explanatory Notes, Practical Observations, And Copious Marginal References, Stereotype Edition, Vols. IV-VI (ONLY) Of The Original Six-Volume Set, IV-VI Spanning Isaiah – Revelation, Samuel T. Armstrong, Crockett & Brewster, Boston, 1830. HB In Tan Leather Boards (10.5” X 7”) w/ Gilt-Lettered Black & Red Title Insets On Spines. Each Volume Numerically Paginated w/ Chronological Dates. Vol. IV: Isaiah-Malachi, 904 Pages, Unmarked But Moderately Heavy Foxing, Front & Rear Hinges Cracked/Split And Covers Thus Precarious, Sewn Binding Holds Strong; Vol. V: Matthew-Acts, 775 Pages, Unmarked But Moderate Foxing, Light Waterspot Stains, A Few Early Pages Torn, Both Front & Back Covers Completely Detached, External Spine Firmly Attached To Sewn Binding, Which Is Itself Strong; Vol. VI: Romans-Revelation, 807 Pages, Chronological Table At End, Unmarked But Moderate Foxing, Light Waterspot Stains, Front Cover Completely Detached, Back Held By A Few Threads, External Spine Remains Firmly Attached To Sewn Binding, Pages Still Secure. Overall Condition: Fair, Partial Set Only. $30 Set.

Sergeant, Lewis, John Wyclif: Last of the Schoolmen and First of the English Reformers, Decorative Hardcover, Very Good, No Marks, Published 1893, More than 375 Pages, Indexed, G.P. Putnam's Sons, $40

South, Robert, Sermons Preached Upon Several Occasions, A New Edition In Four Volumes, Including The Posthumous Discourses, J.L. Gihon, Philadelphia, 1853. Complete Four Volume Set Bound In Two Volumes. HB In Tan Leather Boards (6” X 9.5”), w/ Cloth Reinforced Spines Having Hand-Lettered Titles And Library Labels. Exteriors To Both Volumes Are Quite Worn, Stained, Eroded. Ex-Dallas Theological Seminary Library. Duct Tape Repairs To All Hinges. 540/536/550/583 Pages, Unmarked, Light Foxing, Rare Classic Work. Overall Condition Fair/Good. $80.

Southey, Robert, The Book Of The Church, 5th Edition, John Murray, London, 1841. HB In Peacock-Feather Cloth Boards, Khaki-Colored Leather Corners, Khaki-Colored Ribbed Leather Spine Strip w/ Finely-Embossed Lozenge-Design Imprint & Gilt Lettering On Crimson Inset (8.5” X 5.5”), 572 Pages, Indexed, Binding Tight, Clean & Unmarked. Overall Condition: Excellent. Superb and Beautiful Volume. $125.

Spurgeon, C.H., John Ploughman’s Talk And Pictures, Or Plain Advice For Plain People, In One Volume, American Tract Society, New York, No Publishing Date, Originally Appeared 1869, This Edition Later [?], Circa 1885 [?]. HB In Sturdy Milk Chocolate Brown Boards (5.5” X 7.5”), Elegant Decorative Frame Embossures Both Covers, Gilt-Embossed Spine Titles, Covers Still Strongly Attached, Binding Firm, 182 Pages, A Half-Dozen Or So With Underlining, Quaint Victorian Vignette Engravings. Overall Very Good. $35.

Spurgeon, C.H., Second Series Of Lectures To My Students: Being Addresses Delivered To The Students Of The Pastor’s College, Metropolitan Tabernacle, Passmore And Alabaster, London, 1893. HB In Hunter Green Cloth Boards (6.75” X 8.75”), Spines & Binding Intact, Pages Clean & Unmarked, Upper Fifth Of Cover Spotted/Faded By Water, Else In Surprisingly Good Shape. Overall Very Good. $15.

Spurgeon, C.H., Third Series Of Lectures To My Students: Being Addresses Delivered To The Students Of The Pastor’s College, Metropolitan Tabernacle, Marshall Morgan & Scott, Limited, London, 1922. HB In Hunter Green Cloth Boards (5.75” X 8.5”), Spines & Binding Intact, 200 Pages, 20 Underlined w/ Scattered Checkmarks In Appendix Margins, Condition Overall Very Good. $15.

Stackhouse, Thomas, A New History of the New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ from His Birth to the Establishment of Christianity, Vol. I, Leatherbound, Fair, Published 1765 in Edinburgh, Binding Intact, Wear Appropriate to Age, No Internal Marks, Handwritten Inscription in Back Endpapers by Previous Owner in 1795, Sands, Murray, and Co., $100

Summer, Samuel, The Form Of Prayers For The Feast Of Tabernacles, According To The Custom Of The German And Polish Jews (In Hebrew), No. 3, Jos. Schlesinger, Vienna, 1900. HB In Black Leather Embossed & Gilt-Stamped Boards (7.5” X 5”), 348 Clean & Unmarked Gilt-Edged Pages, Spine Cracked Front & Back Externally & Internally, Yet Binding Holding Firm As Yet. Overall Good. $10

Talmage, T. Dewitt, From Manger To Throne, Embracing a New Life Of Jesus The Christ, And A History Of Palestine And Its People, Including Dr. Talmage’s Account Of His Journey To, Through And From The Christ Land, Illustrated With More Than 400 Superb Engravings Of The People, Places And Scenery Of The Holy Land By Distinguished Artists, &etc., Jones Brothers Publishing Co., Cincinnati, Ohio, 1890. HB In Elaborate Maroon Cloth Gilt-Embossed Boards (10.5” X 8”), the Front Cover Featuring A Vignette Of The Lord Bearing His Cross. Front Cover Detached But Amateurly Repaired w/ Wide Plastic Cellophane Tape, Spine Peeling At Cover Edges And Eroded At Top & Bottom, 655 Pages, Clean & (Aside From Endsheet Inscriptions) Unmarked, Twelve Color Panorama In Multiple Views Of The Crucifixion Spread Across Several Pages. Beautiful Book, Overall Fair+ (Due To Binding Situation). $30.

Taylor, G. Aiken, The Liberal-Conservative Contest, Booklet, Very Good, Wrinkled Pages, Presbyterian Journal,  $5

Taylor, William, John Knox, Hardcover, Good, No Marks, Bent Lower Right Corner of Front Cover, Clean Pages, More than 200 Pages, Indexed, A.C. Armstrong & Son, $30

The Bibellaesninger For Familiekredsen (Bible Readings For The Home Circle, In Danish/Norwegian), Pacific Press Publishing Association, Mountain View, California, 1918. HB In Lime Green Cloth Boards (9” X 6”) w/ Dark Green/Gilt Embossed Designs & Lettering. 794 Pages, Clean & Unmarked. Richly Illustrated w/ Numerous Engravings, Covers At Risk For Separating But Haven’t As Yet. Uncommon Collectible, Overall Condition, Good. $10.

The Constitution of the Presbyterian Church Presbyterian Church in the United States of America, Leatherbound, Fair, Separated Covers, Decorative Edging, Published 1839, Clean Readable Pages, Indexed, 550 Pages, Presbyterian Board of Publications,  $20

The Westminster Shorter Catechism, Booklet, Fair, Writing on Back Cover, Marks and Notes Inside, Published 1910, Presbyterian Committee of Publication, $5

Theta [sic], Miss Mary And Her Scholars; Or, The Lord’s Prayer Explained And Illustrated, Presbyterian Committee Of Publication, Richmond, 1871. HB In Chocolate Brown Cloth Boards (6.5” X 4.5”), Gilt-Stamped Spine Title, 122 Pages Unmarked, Binding Firm, Hinges: Front Shows Slight Cracking, Rear As Yet Intact. Quaint Little Souvenir Of A Far More Innocent Age. Overall Good. $10.

Thomas, Joseph, Universal Pronouncing Dictionary Of Biography And Mythology, J.B. Lippincott Company, Philadelphia, 1890. Enormous HB Edition of 2550 Pages, Peacock Design To Page Edges, Book Is In A Remarkable State Of Preservation For Its Age, Internally Clean & Unmarked, Beige Heavy Leather Boards w/ Leather Ribbed Spine, Maroon and Black Spine Insets w/ Gilt Letters.  Overall Very Good. An Outstanding Reference Collectible, $100.

Trench, Richard Chevenix, Notes On The Miracles Of Our Lord, New And Revised Edition, D. Appleton And Company, New York, 1877. HB In Royal Blue Cloth Boards (9.25” X 6”), Gilt Lettered Spine w/ Gilt Crest, Front Cover Split At Join To Spine, 99% Detached But Held By Two Strands Of The Stitched Binding, Rear Hinge Cracked Through, Weakened But Holding, Binding Still Holds All Pages Firm. 506 Pages, Scattered Moderate Underlining In Pen and Pencil. Overall Fair. $10.

Trench, Richard Chevenix, Notes On The Parables Of Our Lord, New And Revised Edition, D. Appleton And Company, New York, 1878. HB In Dark Chocolate Brown Cloth Boards (9.25” X 6”), Gilt Lettered Spine w/ Gilt Crest, Front Cover 80% And Back Cover 100% Split At Their Respective Joins To Spine, Both Covers Weakly Attached To The Stitched Binding, Which Still Holds All Pages Firm. 514 Pages, No Marks. Overall Good/Fair. $10

Trench, Richard Chevenix, Notes On The Parables Of Our Lord/ Notes On The Miracles Of Our Lord, Two Volumes Bound As One, N. Tibbals & Sons, New York, year not given (late 1800’s). HB In Black Cloth Boards (9” X 6”) w/ Gold Spine Lettering, All Corners Bumped, Front Hinge Broken, Front Cover Still Attached But Weakly So, Similar But Less Severe Situation With Back Hinge & Cover, External Spine Peeling And Eroded Exposing Page Margins At Top & Bottom. Despite External Issues, Book’s Interior Is Very Clean & Presentable w/ Scattered Marginal Annotations & Marks (A Few Pages Heavily So), 374 Pages. Overall Fair/Good, Emphasis On The Latter. An Uncommonly Seen Edition. $15. 

Twain, Mark, Christian Science With Notes Containing Corrections To Date, Illustrated, Harper & Brothers Edition [aka Author’s National Edition, Authorized, Vol. XXV from The Writings Of Mark Twain], P.F. Collier, New York, 1907. HB In Green Cloth Boards (8” X 5.25”) Mottled By Water Spots/Stains,  264 Clean & Unmarked Pages, Rear Hinge Cracked/Front Fine, Binding Intact. Overall Good. $10.

Vincent, J.H., Curiosities Of The Bible Pertaining To Scripture: Persons, Places And Things, Including Prize Questions And Answers, Enigmas, Acrostics, Facts And Statistics, With Many Valuable Ready Reference Tables, Founded Upon And Answered In The Bible, Designed To Incite In Old And Young A Greater Desire To “Search The Scriptures” [John v.39] With Blackboard Or Slate Illustrations, Bible Studies, Concert Exercises And Prayer Meeting Outlines, By A New York Sunday School Superintendent [“T.B.E.” Name Nowhere Given] With An Introduction By Rev. J.H. Vincent; E.B. Treat, New York, 1881. HB In Kelly Green Gilt-Lettered & Embossed Boards (8” X 5.5”), Rear Hinge Cracked Through, Front Inside Spine 90% Cracked, 466 Pages, Clean & Unmarked. Overall Good. An Attractive Volume. $30.

Webster’s Unified Dictionary And Encyclopedia, H.S. Stuttman Co., New York, 1954. HB (9” X 11.25”) In Stippled Maroon Cloth Boards, Front/Back Cover Joins To External Spine Amateurly Repaired With Wide Packing Tape. 1600 Three-Columned Pages (4800 Columns), Clean & Unmarked, Profusely Illustrated. Spine Fabric Sags Away From Internal Sewn Binding, Which Is Tight & Intact. Overall Condition Good+. $10.

Westminster Primary Quarterly Third Quarter 1892, Booklet, Very Good, Presbyterian Board of Publication and Sabbath School Work, $10

Williams, Isaac, The Gospel Narrative Of Our Lord’s Ministry (The Third Year) Harmonized: With Reflections, Francis & John Rivington, St. Paul’s Churchyard & Waterloo Place, London, 1849. HB In Light Hunter Green Cloth Boards (7” X 4.5”) w/ Decorative Embossing, Both Covers Detached And Moderately Eroded, Spine Missing, Covers United By Two Hinge Strips Of Wide Plastic Cellophane Tape, 487 Pages, No Marks, Binding Keeping Most Pages Together In Distinct Bundles Although Some Pages Are Individually Detached, All Pages Seemingly Still Present. Fair Condition, Will Soon Need A Bookbinder’s TLC. $5. 

Williams, Isaac, Thoughts On The Study Of The Holy Gospels, Intended As An Introduction To A Harmony And Commentary, 2nd Edition, Francis & John Rivington, St. Paul’s Churchyard & Waterloo Place, London, 1845. HB In Light Hunter Green Cloth Boards (7” X 4.5”) w/ Decorative Embossing, Both Covers Detached, Spine Missing, Covers United By Two Hinge Strips Of Wide Plastic Cellophane Tape, 445 Pages, A Few With Trivial Margin Marks, Binding Keeping Most Pages Together In Distinct Bundles Although Some Pages Are Individually Detached, All Pages Seemingly Still Present. Fair Condition, Will Soon Need A Bookbinder’s TLC. $5. 

Wilson, Elijah (Ed.), The Living Pulpit, Or Eighteen Sermons By Eminent Living Divines Of The Presbyterian Church, 10th Edition, C. Sherman & Son, Philadelphia, 1859. Sermons By Elijah Wilson, J.T. Smith, Willis Lord, W.B. Sprague, J.W. Yeomans, J.W. Alexander, George Junkin, Thomas Smyth, John M’Dowell, W.A. Scott, J.C. Lord, J.H. Jones, Robert J. Breckinridge, A.T. M’Gill, Charles Hodge, H.A. Boardman, John Leyburn, E.P. Humphrey. HB In Dark Brown Elaborately Embossed Cloth Boards  (9.25” X 6.5”) w/ Gilt-Embossed Title Banner Front Cover, Spine Torn Away And Missing, Front & Back Hinges Cracked But Sewn Binding Holds Firm, Loosening Of Endsheets And Immediately Adjacent Pages Noted. 414 Gilt-Edged, Unmarked Pages. Valuable Insights By Mid-19th Century Presbyterian Clergymen. Overall Condition, Good. $25.

Wordsworth, Christopher, Ecclesiastical Biography; Or, Lives Of Eminent Men, Connected With The History Of Religion In England; From The Commencement Of The Reformation To The Revolution; Selected And Illustrated With Notes, 3rd Edition In Four Volumes (Complete), J.G. & F. Rivington, London, 1839. HB In Pumpkin-Orange Leather Boards (8.75” X 6”), Richly Gilt And Embossed Ridged Spines w/ Milk Chocolate Brown Title Insets And Dark Chocolate Volume Insets, Ex-Libraries Of Lord Farnham & St. Boniface College, Warminster, All Bindings Firm, All Hinges Professionally Reinforced At Some Past Date, All Pages Clean & Unmarked [646/679/675/720 Pages, Indexed], Peacock-Feathered Endpapers, Light Cover Scuffs/Scrapes. Overall Condition: Very Good+. Attractive & Rare Editions. $300 Set.

Youth’s Bible Studies, Part Fourth: Poetical Books, American Tract Society, New York, No Publication Date But Prior To James Packer’s Front Endsheet Inscription Dated 1864. HB In Dark Brown Stippled/Embossed Cloth Boards (6.5” X 4.5”) w/ Front Cover Gilt Design And Gilt Spine Lettering (Now Faded), 218 Indexed Pages, Unmarked, Numerous Vignette Illustrations, Front Hinge Cracked But Holding, Rear Intact. Examines Scriptural Themes In A Poetic Context Through Questions & Answers, Overall Condition Good. $10